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  • Human Geography: Dive into the human side of geography, understanding the relationships between cultures, societies, and the environments they inhabit.

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Director • Cinematographer • Editor • Photographer

Hey there, I’m Michail, the driving force behind Geographies.gr. Armed with a degree in Geography from Harokopio University and a passion for exploration, I’ve merged academic knowledge with a love for the great outdoors.

My journey also extends into the world of filmmaking, photography, and creative exploration, which you can explore further at www.m-word.gr. Beyond Geographies.gr, I’m the proud founder of Escapology.gr, dedicated to the exciting world of Escape Rooms in Greece, and the visionary behind M-word Web Radio, exploring the diverse landscape of music.

Come along on this journey with us at Geographies.gr, where we invite you to engage with our content, share your insights, and embark on a voyage of discovery together.

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Happy exploring, Michail